About Us

Assisting clients to build their self confidence in beauty area and to expand the business into an aesthetic clinic. 


Lashella is a place where girls can be satisfied with their looks. Lashella was first established in Indonesia, 2016. The founder Gabrielle Santoso started with her own beauty studio at home. She has a passion for beauty and always believe that people can better increase their beauty by taking extra care and attention to their beauty routine, makeup and also appearance through their dressing. There is already an inherent need for her to make everything as pretty as they could. Then she was introduced to this beauty course where they offered to teach aestheticians the skill of individual eyelash extension.

At first, she was daunted at the prospect of the procedure, then soon realised that she was not only gifted in the eyelash application, but fell in love with the art of eyelash extension. She was greatly motivated at the transformation that enfolded right before her eyes as clients raved about their sudden voluminous and long eyelashes. She was satisfied of the work that she was able to do and the satisfactions on her clients’ faces was compelling.

Apart from running her small beauty service business, she dedicated some of her time to work in an aesthetic clinic. In this environment, she able to acquire more experience and finely hone her skills not just as a lash artist but also as a dermal clinician. She sincerely hope that Lashella will always provide the best services to all of our beloved clients.